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IMAC or INTELLIDRIVES MULTI-AXIS MOTION and AUTOMATION CONTROLLER is a network based general purpose motion/automation controller with embedded intuitive visual programming capability.

IMAC Editor

IMAC Editor is software application that runs in the web browser and uses graphical blocks to create complex sequences for controlling different stepper and servo motors, digital and analog I/O and vision systems.

Visual Block Programming Environment

Graphical blocks represent motion commands, control of the input/output devices, variables, logic expressions, math, loops and more. User doesn't have to worry about complexities of the programming languages.


IMAC controls network of Digital Stepper and Servo I-DRIVES™ as well as digital and analog I/O. IMAC can operate as a stand-alone system or connected to the user network or Internet. As a stand-alone controller, IMAC can take the place of a PC in a control system to reduce cost. IMAC can also be configured to work in conjunction with a PC where the IMAC handles the real-time processes such as motion control and automation, and the PC is used as programming environment and GUI

Main Features:

  • Multi-axis (up to 32 axes) motion control
  • Handling Digital and Analog I/O
  • Simple and Visual creation of complex machine operational sequences
  • No programming experience necessary, just lay graphical blocks in sequence
  • Graphical HMI Designer
3-axis system with I/O data acquisition

3-axis system with I/O data acquisition

System Architecture

Standalone PC based system(wired)
Standalone PC based system(wireless)
Network based installation