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Supported devices

Motion control


IDrives® provide user with a performance edge. Advanced tuning and commutation algorithms, made possible by state-of-the-art DSP technology to maximize motor performance. I-DRIVES® offer a complete range of AC- and DC-powered digital drives for servo and stepper motors.


MotorRotary Servo and Stepper Motors Linear Servo and Stepper Motors Direct drive motors
Input power100-240 VAC 24-90 VDC
FeedbackIncremental Analog 1Vpp Absolute
Digital I/OLimit sensors
Analog I/OHome sensors User input sourcing nad sinking sensors Opto-isolated sensors Outputs Relay drivers A/D D/A

I/O devices


Models: SeaDAC-8111, SeaDAC-8112

IMAC controls SeaDAC IO via USB connection. SeaDAC provides four optically isolated inputs and four dry-contact Reed relay outputs. Inputs can range from 5-30VDC and provide 3500VDC (2500VAC RMS) isolation to ground, while the Reed relays provide long-life switch closures well suited to low-current devices. Each Reed relay has a discrete common and each pair of inputs share a common. Status LEDS display I/O activity and field wiring is simplified via 3.5mm removable terminal blocks. Learn more