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Network configuration

Company network with dynamic IP addresses (DHCP server is on)

IMAC is preconfigured to get IP address automatically from DHCP server in your local company network. If your company network is configured to provide IP addresses automatically you are good. Just plug ethernet cable in and start working.

Company network with static IP addresses

If your company network works with static IP addresses you have to set up static IP on IMAC. If it has not been preset on factory for you by your order, follow instructions below:

  1. Connect keyboard, mouse and HDMI monitor to IMAC. Power it up and wait OS loading is completed.

IMAC plus monitor, keyboard and mouse

  1. Right click on the icon as shown and left click Wireless & Wired Network Settings.

Wireless & Wired Network Settings

  1. Select the interface. Select eth0 for wired or wlan0 for wireless. Obtain IP address from your network administator from the range your company's network is working. For example, type to assign IP address to IMAC. Assign the IP address of your router – Assign the address of DNS server - Click Apply. In case you are configuring wireless connection the additional step is required.

Wired Network Settings

Wireless Network Settings

  1. Additional step: if you are configuring wireless connection you need to open the terminal.

Open Terminal

In the terminal type sudo raspi-config. The textual menu will be opened.

Raspi config

Select Network Options. You will be asked for Country, Wifi network’s name and password. When you complete press Finish.

  1. Reboot IMAC and unplug keyboard, mouse and HDMI monitor. IMAC is ready for use in the network. Open Google Chrome (recommended browser) and go to http://imac:5000.

Isolated network

Also IMAC can be used in isolated networks where IMAC and user computer are connected directly over Ethernet Crossover cable or using the Ethernet switch/router.

To get IMAC working in isolated network follow instructions below:

  1. On user computer with Windows operating system navigate to Network Connections

Here is 5 Ways to Open Network Connections from CMD and Windows 10 GUI

Windows: network connections

  1. Right click on USB-to-Ethernet connection and select Properties.

Windows: Ethernet Properties

  1. Scroll down, select TCP/IPv4 and click Properties. Fill out as shown below.

Windows: TCP/IPv4 Properties

  1. Apply changes and close dialog windows. IMAC comes preconfigured with IP address for isolated network. Now you can open Chrome browser and go to imac-yourcompanyname:5000 to start working. For example: imac-amazon:5000.